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22.02.2016 - Posted by Updated On 22.02.2016    

Storage facilities and general residential customers have all started to figure out that shipping containers, new or used, make excellent storage units; and once you consider why they’re so popular and do a little quick math, it’s a logical choice. Shipping containers can be set up quickly, are very secure, and last a long time.

Commercial and residential container owners are all attracted to containers because of how quickly you can add storage space and scale up a business. Outside of setting up a small, simple foundation (often rail road ties will do the trick), a container can be purchased and on your site in a matter of days, or less in some cases. Typically there’s no lengthy permitting process, no construction, just purchasing the shipping container and scheduling the delivery time.

Security is an important aspect of any storage unit, without it your possessions may as well be left lying in the street for anyone to steal. Shipping containers require no serious effort to convert them into storage units, after all a storage unit is just a secure garage where you can load your things into. A shipping container is a large steel box with one point of entry that can be easily locked; and security can be improved by adding a bolt on lock box (but it’s not typically required on a new container). shipping/storage container

Shipping containers are designed to withstand a lot of abuse from nature. Spending 12-15 years traveling around the world on a container vessel can provide a lot of abuse, so a shipping container sitting on a paved lot or on a back portion of any property is cake. Shipping containers, new or used, will last a life time or longer, especially with a little maintenance and care.

There are countless other reasons that shipping containers make excellent storage units, but trying to compile a list could easily take days, and we don’t have that kind of time because we’re too busy selling shipping containers and helping shipping lines and container lessors to market their available inventory. If you’re in the market for a new or used shipping container contact any of the sellers through the active listing on any page; if you have a general question about shipping containers and where to get started feel free to contact the staff directly. After a short discussion you’ll also agree that shipping containers will allow you to scale a business quickly, are very secure, and will last a life time.

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