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Shipping Container Storage Units

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Everywhere you go, everyone is looking for more storage space. People seem to be buying more, throwing away less, and all of this stuff has be stored somewhere. Depending on your needs, and the time span long or short term that you need the storage space, shipping containers make excellent storage solutions for whatever your needs may be.

Long Term and Short Term Storage

Let's be honest, if you move your possessions into a storage facility with the best intentions of only leaving them there for a short period of time, they are going to stay there for a long period of time. That's why so many storage facilities provide a free “move in” truck, but no “move out” truck. Buying a shipping container to keep on your property allows you to keep easy access to your things; and it's a one-time expense, so you don't have to keep making payments every month. Once you downsize your possessions and don't need the storage any more you can sell the shipping container to another pack-rat.

High Security Features

New shipping containers, also called “one trip containers”, have a built in lock box and high locking gear. This means that you can lock your storage container securely and be confident your things won't “walk away” in the dark of the night. Used shipping containers don't come factory equipped with lock boxes, but they are easy to purchase and install. Bolt on lock boxes, custom designed for shipping containers, can be purchased at


If you have things in a storage facility you may have learned that when your unit or locker is full you need to rent another one. If you try to save money and rent a small one, eventually you'll need to shift everything into a larger unit. If you start with the larger unit you may be paying for a lot of extra space that you don't need right away. If you purchase a shipping container that problem is solved. When the shipping container is full, purchasing a second container is easy and can be filled at your leisure. And again, if you begin to downsize you can sell off one of the units and get your money back. When you move out of a storage unit there's no way to get your money back. Â is an online marketplace where clients can buy shipping containers, both new and used, in 20', 40', 40' high cube containers, as well as some other designs and sizes. The active sellers on the marketplace range in size from some of the largest shipping lines and container lessors in the world, to regional and local traders and brokers. If you have a question about a specific container that's listed for sale you may contact the seller directly. If you have a general question or aren't sure where to get started feel free to contact directly.

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