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Shipping Container Storage Yards

30.06.2017 - Posted by Updated On 30.06.2017    

With all the shipping containers zipping around the world, it's an obvious question to wonder where they are all stored when not in use, and the answer is shipping container depots, or often called container yards. Most people don't know what a yard does, or how they operate, so here's a quick summary.

What is a Container Yard?

Essentially, a container yard is a giant parking lot for shipping containers. The yard doesn't own the shipping containers on its property, but just as a parking lot doesn't own the cars. It merely charges the owner to store their containers on the site, and protects them while they are there.

What does a Container Yard Do?

shipping container yard

Shipping lines and container lessors set up accounts with container yards around the world, and when a container is no longer need for a little while it is returned to a designated container yard. Once checked in, or “in gated”, the owner is notified that of the containers location and the owner begins to incur storage charges. The depot also inspects the container and notifies the owner of any repairs that may be required. The owner is then billed periodically for storage and when the container is sold, or picked up to be put back into use the owner is notified when the container leaves the yard.

Can I buy a Shipping Container at a Container Yard?

The main job of a container yard is to provide storage, security, and repair services to the containers they have on site. A secondary function of some container yards is to sell the off lease containers that they have. Some container yards provide this service, but not all. It usually requires a designated sales person that manages the relationships with the remarketing people at the shipping lines and leasing companies.

Can I Inspect a Shipping Container at the Yard?

If you're buying a shipping container and would like to inspect it, sometimes you can and sometimes you cannot. This depends on the rules of the individual depot, their insurance, and how they are staffed. In some locations it's not a problem, but in others due to their internal rules they do not allow it. If you are able to inspect the containers at a yard you will need the specific unit numbers and typically the yard won't move any around for you. is an online marketplace that works with shipping lines and leasing companies to sell their new and used shipping containers in the United States and around the world. Search for new and used shipping containers that are 20', 40', or 40' high cubes as well as a few others standard sizes. If you have questions about a specific shipping container for sale you can make an inquiry directly to the seller. If you have a general question about where to get started you can contact the staff directly.

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