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Shipping Container Trading Software

26.02.2012 - Posted by Updated On 26.02.2012    

Online Shipping container trading software is now available through  Large or small volume container buyers and sellers can leverage the market leading platform designed specifically for new and used shipping containers.’s web desktop "Trader" platform gives sellers the ability to control their audience, communicate directly with potential buyers, and use the integrated tools to market their containers more efficiently.

Controlling access to container listings can be important depending on the market or container type, and to do this has developed some unique features.  To start, sellers can create contacts by reviewing current commercial traders and connecting with them, or inviting their existing network to connect with them on the site.  Once connected, when a new listing is created the seller can mark it as private and only invite selected traders to bid or buy the listings. If the seller would like to expand their market, but chooses not to market to retail buyers, the listing can be marketed as "commercial" and only approved commercial traders can access the listing.  For the widest marketing reach, sellers can also list their new or used containers as “Retail” and anyone visiting the can view the listing. Shipping Container Trading Software

Questions about container sales are inevitable, and has made it easier to respond quickly to buyers.  When a question is registered through the site the entire message is logged on the site and sent directly to the sellers email account.  The seller then has the option of logging into the site to answer the question, or they can reply directly to the email and the response is logged on the site and sent to the potential buyer.  This means that if either the seller or the potential buyer is out of the office or away from their desk, they can communicate quickly through their email account, even if it’s on their mobile phone.  No matter the way the response is made, all communication is logged in their account.

Managing shipping container sales of any volume can be a tedious, detail focused task.  Updating potential buyers, managing offers and answering questions all take time.  Whether a seller creates a private, commercial, or retail listing they automatically have access to the powerful trading platform designed specifically for shipping containers.  Notifications are automatically sent to all connected buyers, messages, bidding and purchases are logged directly into the system without having to manage and touch data multiple times, and buyers have 24 hours access to your real time inventory – no more out dated PDF or Excel files.  To top it off, corporate accounts on have the ability to create multiple users that have shared access to listings, messages, and other reports and content.

If you work for a large shipping line, container leasing company, or involved in container trading of any size,’s online shipping container sales software can help you increase your market reach and create a more efficient sales environment.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to buy or sell shipping containers online, contact a representative to schedule a demonstration.

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