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Shipping Container Turned Food Collection Point

15.02.2015 - Posted by Updated On 15.02.2015    

It seems like every day there’s a new article about shipping containers being converted into a modular home, prepper shelter, or some type of trendy restaurant; but what we sometimes miss are the regional projects that are making a great impact on the local community. Future Point, LLC in Colorado Springs is a great example of such a project and Stark Container Structures recently purchased a container through and did a great conversion for them.

Future Point is a social enterprise based in Colorado Springs, Colorado that helps rebuild and repurpose people, places, and things. Part of their mission is running a farm project which has a menagerie of animals to feed. As you can imagine, animals tend to eat a lot and they prefer to eat every day. Future Point wanted a way to collect pre-consumer food waste that would make it easy for the community to support, and provide ample fodder for their livestock and compost for the gardens. All the while keeping the food out of landfills. The solution was converting a 20’ shipping container into a mobile food collection facility where people and organizations can drop off food waste - a win for the environment and the animals. hungry pigs at the trough

The Converted Shipping Container

Stark Container Structures converted the 20’ shipping container into everything that Future Pointe needed. The floors and sections of the walls were coated with Rhino Lining to make for easy cleaning, and three shuddered windows were added for ventilation and natural light. The system is powered by an on grid/off grid power system with a solar panel to recharge the battery system, and run the 12 volt LED and tank-less water heater.

Stark Container Structures specializes in modifying new and used shipping containers throughout Colorado and Wyoming. Along with the project for Future Point, they have modified shipping containers into cabins, storm shelters, and portable offices. is an online marketplace and software provider that specializes in facilitating the trade of new and used shipping containers around the United States, Canada, and Europe. To learn more about how your company can benefit from online shipping container trading software contact our staff.

shipping container food collection

shipping container food collection

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