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Shipping Container Vents - Manage Condensation and Moisture Buildup

24.06.2019 - Posted by Updated On 24.06.2019    

Installing vents into a shipping container is the perfect way to allow the summer time condensation that builds up in side of containers during the dramatic shift in temperatures from day to night.

What is a Shipping Container Vent?

Our vents are after-market container parts that can be installed quickly, and when installed in pairs they provide an adequate amount of airflow that can either reduce, or eliminate the condensation that can accumulate inside of a sealed container when the temperature has dramatic shifts.

Why do we recommend installing vents in pairs? If only one vent is installed it will do very little to help airflow. Two vents provide both an entrance and exit for the flow of air. A 20’ container works best with two to four vents, and a 40’ container works best with four vents.

But don’t containers have vents? Yes, some shipping containers come with small breather vents installed that allow for a little bit of air to pass; but due to being loaded onto ocean going vessels, they vents can’t be that large because they need to keep water and everything else out.

Shipping container ceiling

Who Needs a Container Vent?

Not everyone needs to ventalite their shipping/storage containers. If you live in an area with a mild climate and low humidity you're probably safe without one. If you live in an area where the day/night time temperature changes are signifigant, you may want to consider it. What's the easiest way to tell? Does your house have condensastion inside the windows? Does your drink need a coaster because it sweats? If you've answered yes to either question, a container vent may be a good idea.

What do I Need to Install a Vent?

To install a container vent, you’ll need a piece of equipment that can cut a hole thought the sides of a shipping container. Any type of torch will work, and some cross-cut saws will work, depending on the size.

Once the hole is cut, you can slide in the vent and either weld it into place, or drill four holes and bolt it into place. If you’re bolting it to the container we recommend applying some type of sealant to the back of the vent to keep moisture from getting between the vent and box wall.

Where Can I Buy Shipping Container Vents

You can purchase container vents online at All of our vents are 100% manufactured in Lancaster County Pennsylvania – the laser cutting, welding and assembly, and painting are all done by qualified, professional craftsman.

If you’d like to purchase vents, and possibly have them installed by a retailer in your area check on to find a dealer in your area.

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