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Shipping Containers for Logistical Service Providers

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Shipping containers are an integral part of the supply chain. They can be loaded with nearly anything, and transported quickly and easily from Point A to Point B, no matter if it's a domestic or international destination. However, there are a few details that are commonly overlooked, or not initially prepared for, by companies that want to undertake the transportation of goods and products themselves. While they can easily be fixed with time and money, if they're prepared for in advance the company can keep their products flowing smoothly to their clients.

Cargo Worthy Certificate

Not all shipping containers are certifiable as cargo worthy. While they may look solid, international shipping lines have strict requirements on the condition of all aspects of the container; the last thing they want is a container falling apart during transit and causing a great amount of damage and loss. If you're shipping internationally the container will need to be surveyed and proven to be in cargo worthy condition. This process normally costs around $100-$200 and doesn't take much time at all. The report will be given to the company shipping the goods, and they will in turn need to provide it to the shipping line.

Question: Does the shipping container need to be surveyed and certified as cargo worthy?

Delivery and Unloading the Container

If the container is going to be loaded on the production site, there are a couple of obstacles to address. Namely, is there a way to unload the container from a flatbed or chassis, and then is there a way to put the container back onto a flatbed or chassis once it's been stuffed. This process will require a forklift or crane that can lift the weight of the container, plus everything that's inside of it.

shipping container

If there's no forklift or crane on site then the trucking company will need to leave the chassis on site, something that's not always possible as chassis are popular things for people to steal. If the trucking company is willing to leave the chassis on site there will most likely be a per diem rental charge. It may not be much as a daily rate, but it can add up if the container is left onsite and it takes an extended period of time to load the shipping container.

Question to ask: Do you have a forklift/crane on site? If no, you'll probably need to rent a chassis.

Loading and Picking up the Container

This point really piggybacks onto the previous question, is there a forklift or crane on site to put the container back onto a chassis or flatbed? If not, a chassis will need to be rented from a trucking company.

Question to ask: Do you have a forklift/crane on site? If no, you'll probably need to rent a chassis.

Transport to the Port or Destination

By the time this question comes up, it might already be answered, however if everything has been done by separate companies it still might be something that needs to be considered.

If the same trucking company has delivered the container and provided the chassis rental, under all normal circumstances they will pick up the container and deliver it to the port of departure. After all, they want their chassis back.

If the container has been dropped off, and there is a forklift or crane on site, then a trucking company will be needed that is able to provide a chassis or flatbed rental.

Shipping containers can be utilized to move good around the country, and around the world. Logistical service providers can help to arrange the entire process, from the picking up of the container to the delivery at the final destination; or some companies choose to manage the process internally. No matter who is handling the management of the process, the rules of the game are the same and the process needs to be thought though and all options exercised.

If you have questions about using shipping containers for domestic or international transportation, it's a good idea to start by contacting a trucking company or logistics company. If you are a logistics company or have decided to tackle the process on your own, the sellers on can help you find the best container for your needs, at the best possible price.

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