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Shipping Containers for Sale in Pennsylvania

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Shipping and storage containers aren't always easy to find in a land locked state like Pennsylvania (sorry Erie, no disrespect meant!), but the good thing is that there are plenty of ports and major distribution centers close by, so it's not impossible to find shipping containers for sale in Pennsylvania. Many people throughout Pennsylvania use shipping containers for portable storage, mobile offices, or even modular housing or cabins; and if you know where to shop you can find a cheap price on a new or used shipping container.

shipping containers for sale in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania Shipping Containers

Sellers on regularly sell shipping containers in Pittsburgh by moving them into western PA out of ports in Cleveland and sometimes Columbus, Ohio. Cleveland has several regional distribution centers and a regular flow of both new and used 20', 40', and 40' high cube containers. Once in Cleveland the containers can be delivered to your location and set on the ground for around $250-$300. If you have a forklift on site that's capable of lifting the container off a chassis or flatbed that price will nearly always decrease.

Shipping Containers in Central Pennsylvania

Central Pennsylvania is a quick and easy place to access from Baltimore, and Charm City has a large port and a heavy supply of shipping containers. Pulling a container out of any of the numerous depot facilities and moving it to York, Harrisburg, or Lancaster is something that our sellers have done on a regular basis. Central Pennsylvania containers are commonly used on shale oil drilling and construction sites, as portable storage units, and also converted into hunting cabins.

Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania Shipping Containers

Philadelphia's port handles a lot of traffic; however much of the traffic is oil and a lot of the container traffic is refrigerated units carrying food (like bananas). That being said, there are still shipping containers in the port and at local depots for sale. If you're in North Eastern Pennsylvania, around Scranton or the Pocono Mountains, you might be able to get a great price on a shipping container out of Newark. Newark, New Jersey is a very large destination for container vessels and every type of container arrives there - 20', 40', and high cube containers, all in new or used condition.

Where to Start when Buying a Container

No matter where you are located, the sellers on can help you find the best deal possible on a shipping container. The shipping lines and drivers that we work with have a great amount of experience with both shipping containers, and getting them delivered into Pennsylvania for the lowest price available. Feel free to contact us and we'll get your started in the right direction.

shipping container delivery in Pennsylvania

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