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Shipping Containers in New Orleans, Louisiana

24.09.2012 - Posted by Updated On 24.09.2012    

Shipping containers in New Orleans, Louisiana are a big business.  Currently, the Port of New Orleans is the largest port in the United States based on cargo volume, and the 13th largest in the country based on the value of the cargo.  Another distinct feature is that the port has the longest wharf in the world, at 2.01 miles (3.4km) and it can accommodate 15 vessels at a time.

During the first two months of the year, the Napoleon Avenue Container Terminal in New Orleans handled a volume of 81,987 TEU (an increase of 22.8% from the previous year), and in March the terminals four container cranes logged a total of 927.2 hours (again, a 25% increase from the previous year).

Where do all of these shipping containers go?

Shipping containers are important to move goods and products around the country.  A portion of the shipping containers in New Orleans are moved to depots for inland distribution, while others are repositioned to different locations for storage and distribution.  Aside from these units, many containers are sold.  Due to the volume of shipping containers that pass through the port, and the fact that it lies on the sea, New Orleans is a great place to buy cheap shipping containers - both new and used are typically available.  Containers on any coast are typically less expensive because they haven’t been moved anywhere.  Keep in mind, while there is a cost savings, you’ll still need to have it moved to your location. has a regular supply of new and used shipping containers in New Orleans, and the inventory is changing regularly.

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