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Shipping Containers with "Easy Open Doors"

22.05.2023 - Posted by Updated On 22.05.2023    

There aren't a lot of new ideas when it comes to shipping containers, but when there are innovations they show up fastest in the retail market on new/one trip shipping containers. Some of the more recent innovations have been dirt resistant paint, bolt on lock boxes, and now "easy open door handles".

First, let's take a second and look at why innovations are slow to reach the consumer market. On overwhelming majority of shipping containers in the world are in use by shipping lines and leasing companies. These two types of companies focus on shipping uses and keep their containers in use for 12-15 years, so they're not sold off as used containers for quite some time. If there are innovations they need to pass through the container entire life cycle. On top of this, what might be ideal for a consumer building a storage facility might not be ideal for a shipping line needing heavy duty containers. For this reason, short term container lessors or trading companies focused on one way containers are typically the first to provide new ideas and features to the retail consumer market.

Easy Open Door Handles vs. Standard Door Handles

Standard handles are heavy duty and aren't designed to be opened multiple times a day, they're designed for strength, security, and long term industrial use. Easy open door handles are designed to be durable, but open and close easier and with less effort. They may not withstand 15 years of industrial seagoing use, but they won't need to.

  • Only one right door handle, as opposed to a standard container with two handles on each door. Easy open handles require both hands when opening.
  • Longer handle: longer handles provide better leverage when opening and closing.
  • Rubber Grips: Rubber grip on the handle provide a safer and more comfortable grip.
  • Grease Fittings: Each hinge has a grease fitting to keep the hinge clean looking and operating smoothly.
  • "Secura cam/keeper": An extra cam/keeper at the bottom of the locking rod to provide additional security when needed.
Shipping Container with Easy Open Doors: Rubber Handle Shipping Container with Easy Open Doors: Secure Cam Shipping Container with Easy Open Doors: Grease Fitting Shipping Container with Easy Open Doors: Sticker

How to Find Easy Open Doors

Not all new 20' and 40' shipping containers come equipped with easy open doors, and they're not available in every depot, however they aren't necessarily hard to find.  For starters, you can tell if they're equipped by looking for a sticker on the door. If you're not planning on inspecting the container before you purchase it, or it's being shipped a long distance, just ask the dealer if easy open doors are available.

Many sellers on provide new 20' and 40' shipping containers with easy open doors throughout the United States and Canada. is an online marketplace where you can find some of the best prices on both new and used shipping containers.

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