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Shipping/Storage Container Delivery Tips: Plan Ahead and Save Money

21.09.2018 - Posted by Updated On 21.09.2018    

Having a shipping or storage container delivered can be really straight forward, but there are potential hic-ups that can cost a lot of extra money. However, with a little planning and fore sight you can save the time and cash.

Clear and prepare the site.

If you can't be on site for delivery, make sure the area is well marked so the driver knows exactly where to put it. Paint on the grass or pavement and flags can go a long way, and get the driver in and out quickly. Remember, most drivers charge by the hour so if they have to come back to move the container they won't do it for free.

Make sure the doors are loaded facing the correct direction.

This is especially important if the container is going into a narrow area, or up against a curb. Doors facing the wrong direction or back along a wall aren't very useful to anyone.

Communicate with the driver so they don't get lost

Again, time is money. Make sure the driver knows exactly where they're going so they don't get lost or stuck. In some cases, shipping containers are being delivered to new properties, or properties without a formal address.

Contact the depot in advance so they can have the container ready

Every depot operates a little differently, but it's always a good idea to give them a call to let them know by who, and approximately when the container will be picked up. In some cases, the container may be blocked in and it takes the depot some time to dig it out. If the driver has to wait, many leave the clock running.

Find out if the truck is a tilt bed or chassis. If it's a chassis you'll need a forklift on site to unload it.

This one is really important, some places only have tractor trailers and chassis, while others have tilt bed trailers. If the container arrives on a chassis or flat bed and you don't have a forklift on site to unload it, you'd either need to find one, or a crane, or the driver may just take the container back to the depot and charge you to deliver it again.

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