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Specialty Containers: IP 2

31.05.2015 - Posted by Updated On 31.05.2015    

Shipping containers are designed to withstand a lifetime of hard use and abuse, but some there are some containers that are designed to take things to the next level. Industrial Packaging 2, or IP 2 shipping containers are just this type of container.

IP 2 is the designation for a specific type of packaging that is designed so that the contents will not leak, and that the internal shielding will not allow for radiation to escape during normal transport or in the event of a drop.

IP 2 Container Contents

IP 2 containers can carry anything that a standard shipping container can, and with the added shielding they can also carry radioactive or nuclear contents. Energy companies, governments, and various arms of the military commonly use IP 2 containers to transport any dangerous nuclear material, pumps, valves, large components, or for fuel rod storage.

IP 2 Container Specifications

IP 2 containers are generally 20' in length, 8' wide, and 8'6” tall. Unlike a standard container, IP 2 containers weigh around 6,000-11,000 lbs. and can carry around 25,000-50,000 lbs. of payload. The internal dimensions can vary based on the shielding material, which is normally lead, steel, or concrete. In some cases the shielding is filled in after the container is loaded so that it can be poured around the contents.

IP 2 Shipping Containers
Nuclear Shippinng Containers
IP 2 Shipping Containers
Radioactive Shipping Containers

Where to Get IP 2 Containers

Due to their nature, IP 2 shipping containers don't come on the secondary market that often, and if they do they've probably never been used because too much testing and recertification would come with selling something that was previously used to carry radioactive contents, not to mention the potential liability risk.

If you need to purchase IP 2 classified containers the best option would be to contact a container manufacturer, or directly and ask them to direct you towards the best service provider. They will most likely need to be new, and require a 60-90 day lead time. helps connect buyers and sellers connect around the United States and around the world. The listed sellers typically have connections or relationships with trucking companies in the cities they operate in. If you have any questions about buying or selling shipping containers feel free to contact any of our sellers directly through their listing page.

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