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Specialty Shipping Containers

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Most people are aware of standard and high cube dry van containers, but what if your project or job calls for something a little different? Many people don't know that other options exist, but there are a few other types of “specialty” shipping containers that aren't in as high circulation, but they can be found in various markets around the world, and the United States.

Open Top Containers

Open top containers are just that – 20' and 40' shipping containers with an “open top” that's covered by a soft top canvas, or a “hard top” that's a metal covering. In their seagoing lives open tops are used to move things that are too heavy to load into a container with a fork lift. Think spools of wire, granite slabs, or other things that a forklift can't load into the container. With an open top the items can be craned into the top and sealed up for transport.

Open Side Containers

Open sided containers have a little less application as a sea going box, although they are much easier to load with the sides of the container completely opened. They also come in 20' and 40' lengths, as well as standard height and high cubes. In their second life application, open sides can be used for pop up shops, booths for fairs and carnivals, or even coffee shops.

side door shipping container

Duo-Cons - 10' Storage Containers

Duo-con shipping containers are 10' containers, typically sold in pairs. They're sold in pairs because ports and terminals are geared to move containers in 20' and 40' lengths, so since a 10' container isn't possible to move they weld two 10' containers together and slip them into the system. Loading typically isn't an issue as the “middle” wall is removed and fastened to the inside walls, allowing the buyer to weld it into place. As you can guess, containers this size aren't in use by the shipping lines, but leasing companies and traders can move them out to you as needed.

Double Door Containers

Double door containers, also called tunnel containers, aren't used much by shipping lines, but they are very popular as storage units. It's inevitable that no matter what you store in a shipping container or storage unit, when you need the item it will be stuffed in the other end of the container and nearly inaccessible. Double doors solve this problem by providing access from both ends of the container, they come in 20' lengths and are very useful as a 40' container.

double door shipping container

Flat Racks

20' and 40' flat rack containers are a peculiar breed as at their very core they are a shipping container floor with arms that can be fixed or collapsible on each end. During their seagoing life they are used to move large items such as heavy machinery and other outsized items, and after their seagoing life is over they are a popular container to convert into a bridge on a farm or ranch.

Unlike standard dry containers, specialty containers tend to be a little harder to find. Unless of course you have time to wait and need to order them in bulk, then a purchase can be made directly through the factory. Sellers on can often help to facilitate this type of purchase, as can the staff at our office. If you have any questions regarding buying specialty shipping containers please contact us directly and we'll help to get your project moving in the right direction.

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