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Spring Discount on Container Lock Boxes

16.06.2013 - Posted by Updated On 16.06.2013    

We’re growing!  At the request of our customers, is now supplying bolt on lock boxes for shipping containers.  A shipping container lock box is an important feature that will greatly increase the security of any shipping container; they install quickly, are very affordable, and for the rest of the month is offering a 10% discount on all purchases through the site; just enter the coupon code JUNE2013 when checking out.

New shipping containers are often equipped with lock boxes at the factory, while used shipping containers are rarely have a lock box installed.  Installing a bolt on lock box takes less than 30 minutes and everything that you have stored in the container will be much safer from theft.

What is a Container Lock Box?

A container lock box is a steel “house” that protects your padlock from being cut.  When the container doors are closed, the lock is inside of a thick steel box and the shank of the lock is inaccessible and unable to be cut.

shipping container lock box

How to Tell If Your Container Has a Lock Box

A quick look at the doors on your container and you’ll be able to tell if your container is equipped with a lock box.

no lock box factory lock box bolt on container lock box provides instructions on how to install a lock box, including a list of the tools that you’ll need to do the job.

All of the lock boxes and container parts sold through the site are made in the United States; more specifically, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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