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Spring Time Shipping and Storage Containers

11.03.2019 - Posted by Updated On 15.03.2019    

Spring is just around the corner, hopefully, and it's time to start thinking about clearing out the garage/shed/barn of all the things that have been collected over the past year. It's not hording, it's just not throwing away things that still have useful life left in them.

Winter Gear Storage

Unless you live in Florida or another year round warm southern state, everyone has a supply of "winter" items that are typically only needed from November to March, give or take. These things tend to take up a lot of place that could be better used for other items that need ready access during warmer months. A shipping container is a great place to store things like road salt, snowmobiles, sleds, snow tires, and shovels. Pack it all away for the summer and it will be ready and waiting for you when the leaves begin to change.

Firewood Storage

Many people store firewood inside of shipping containers, but we've had mixed reviews on this. The negative reviews came mostly from people who didn't install any type of large shipping container vents in their container to allow for air circulation that allow the firewood to continue to dry. The positive reviews were that it keeps bees nests, mice and other bugs from taking up residence in the stack. With vents properly installed and if the container is kept closed all summer it can keep the firewood clean and help it dry out faster.

Lawn Care Equipment

If you don't have a shed, people tend to keep their lawn care equipment in the garage. While this is very convenient it means that grass clippings and dirt can easily be tracked through the house, even more so when wet and harder to clean up. Adding to the cleaning problem is the smell and pollen can be frustrating to anyone with allergies. A shipping container can be a quick solution for a storage shed, and in many places it doesn't require a permit from the local government. is an online marketplace for new and used shipping containers throughout North America and many other parts of the world. If you're in the market for a container feel free to use the search features on the site and find a container available in your area. If you don't see one, feel free to complete the request form and someone will get in touch with you to find the best available options.

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