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Storage Container Delivery Tips

28.07.2013 - Posted by Updated On 28.07.2013    

When you’re having a shipping container delivered to your home or business location the more your plan out in advance the faster it will go.  The biggest disservice you can do to yourself, and the driver, is to leave out important details that you may, or may not, know are factors.  We’ve delivered a lot of containers over the years, and have 5 tips that will make your delivery go quickly and easily.

Location and Topography

Be sure and tell the driver the exact location and send them a link to your location in Google Maps.  If you live back a canyon or tight winding road, it may not be possible to safely deliver 40’ container to your location.  If there’s been excessive rain and the ground is soft, you may want to reschedule – remember: the driver could charge by the hour, and if the truck gets stuck things could get expensive quickly!  

Shipping container delivery

Delivery Site

Have the delivery site cleared in advance.  And foundation should be in place, stone broadcast across the pad, or at the very least stake the area off so the driver knows exactly where he’s going, and you can be sure that the container fits into the location.  Again, the driver may charge by the hour and if you need to make a lot of changes once he’s there the delivery price could change.

Equipment Size

Never purchase a container until you’ve confirmed how it’s going to be delivered.  You may find a great deal in the classified section of the local paper on a 53’ container, but if there’s no forklift or crane on site, many trucks won’t be able to pick it up and move it.

Be On-Site and Available

If at all possible, make sure that you or someone that knows the specific details of where you want the container placed is available.  Once the driver pulls away it may be difficult to move the container later on.  It’s also helpful if you live in a rural area and the driver isn’t familiar with the area.

Navigational Space

Make sure that there’s adequate space for a 20’ or 40’ tractor trailer to navigate around.  The driver needs to get your container into place, and pull out from underneath it.  If there are obstacles such as trees, rocks, or a house or barn, the delivery could be difficult, if not becoming impossible.

Shipping container delivery normally goes quickly and easily, and you can increase the changes of have your container on-site quickly with a little bit of planning and clear communication.  If you have any questions regarding a shipping container delivery we invite you to contact us and we’ll be glad to share any experience that we can.

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