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Storage Container Shelving and Pipe Racks

24.05.2014 - Posted by Updated On 24.05.2014    

Converting a shipping container into a storage unit can be as simple or complex as your need it to be; and for the people that want to keep it cheap and simple there are a couple of products that you might be interested in – shelving brackets and pipe racks.

Shipping Container Shelving Brackets

Installing shelving inside of a shipping container presents some initial problems; mainly, the lack of a wooden wall or stud to nail your shelf to. The alternative is to build tall shelving that stands on the floor and potentially takes up valuable space. The alternative that we’ve created is a simple, heavy duty shelf bracket that hangs from the D rings inside of every shipping container. Without any tools, you can hang a pair of brackets on the D rings, drop two 2x10 boards on the arms, and if required you can run a self-tapping screw through the board to make sure it stays in place. Literally, you can have shelving in place in less than five minutes.

Container shelves can be purchased in packs of two, or as a single unit. Each shelf comes with a pack of 8 self tapping screws.

shipping container shelving

Pipe Racks

Storing pipe requires non-traditional shelving, because loaded pipes on flat shelf tend to roll off the moment your back is turned. Pipe racks are heavy duty and designed to hold up to 1000 lbs of pipe. They install the same way that the traditional shelving brackets do, by handing on the D rings, and they require no additional parts or adjustments. Each arm of the rack extends upward at 45 degrees and has around 18 inches of arm space to support the pipes.

Important Tip: Length is important to consider when storing pipe. Many sections of pipe come in approximately 20’ sizes (to allow for chipping and damage to the ends), however the inside of a 20’ shipping container is just shorter than 20’ – leaving you with less than enough space to store the pipe straight back in the container.

shipping container pipe rack
Container shelving brackets and pipe racks can be purchased on and shipped to any location in the United States. Both products are made at our mill in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (USA). If you have custom requirements or are interested in wholesale purchasing please contact us directly with your specifications and requirements.

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