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Storage Containers in Montreal and Toronto

30.11.2012 - Posted by Updated On 30.11.2012    

New and used shipping container being used for on-site storage is growing in popularity in many areas of Canada, including Toronto and Montreal. Storing your personal household items, work tools, or other large equipment in a large, wind and water tight unit is the ideal situation for all four seasons.

Shipping containers, as they are manufactured, need no modifications to be used as a standard storage container. Two large swinging doors on one end of the container provide easy ingress and egress of anything from movers carrying boxes to motorcycles and economy sized automobiles or sports cars.

If you have special requirements making modifications, basic or complex, is a reasonable request for many container depots and sales agents that list containers through Almost every client has unique and special needs, and some of the most common requests for shipping container modifications are:

  • Shelving: Shelving can run the length of the walls, and extend any distance from the floor to the ceiling. This is a popular option for building supply companies and other types of companies that have large amount of inventory that they need regular, quick and easy access to.
  • Lock Boxes: Many new shipping containers come equipped with a lock box. Older containers that have been leased for several years may not have a lock box welded onto the doors. A lock box can be installed at most depots, or you can purchase a bolt on lock box and have it installed on-site.
  • Man Doors or Roll Up Doors: While the factory installed doors are very useful and functional, some people and organizations prefer to have an additional door installed to allow for multiple points of entry. Traditional hinged doors, or "man doors", are popular; as are roll up doors.
Regardless of your storage needs, if you're looking for a 10' container, 20' container, or even a 40' standard or high cube shipping container. On you'll be able to find a solid unit in Montreal, Toronto, or many other parts of the world. The container suppliers in our marketplace provide strong, affordable containers and the ability to make the modifications necessary to meet the needs of your project.

You can contact sellers on the "contact" section any listing page, or if you have other questions you can reach us via email, or at 307-222-9085. 

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