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Storage in Shipping Containers

22.04.2019 - Posted by Updated On 22.04.2019    

It's getting very common for companies and people to buy a shipping container and convert it into a storage unit, but what is required to convert a container into a good storage unit? Well, that’s a pretty broad question to answer and it really depends on the specific storage needs of the person or company that’s using it.

Residential Storage Container

People store just about everything you can think of in a storage container, from cars and motorcycles to furniture and other household goods. Depending on the geographic location of the container and what’s being put inside, here are a couple of starting points to consider:

  • Lock box: If your container is used, it will most likely not have a factory equipped lock box. A bolt on lock box gives extra security and helps to prevent the lock from being snipped.
  • Ventilation: In certain areas where there is high humidity and the day/night temperature shifts a lot, there can be a build-up of moisture inside of the storage container, especially if it’s not opened on a regular basis. Whirly bird vents can be installed on the top of the container, or large container vents can be installed on the side.
  • Shelving: Saving floor space so that you can walk through your container may also be something that you want to consider. Shelving kits can be purchased at any home DIY center, or heavy duty kits that hang from the D-rings inside of the container can be found online.
shipping container lock box

Commercial Storage Container

Commercial storage can be a little different than residential storage, but the three items highlighted in the previous section also apply. Speaking with people that use shipping containers for commercial storage, they tend to access their units more frequently and use hand trolleys and similar items to move pallets of items in and out. Because of the frequent movements the containers need to be more organized, and have clear pathways wide enough for the trolleys to move through.

  • Hanging Shelving: Shelving that hangs from the D-Rings inside of a shipping container is commercial grade strong, and doesn’t take up any floor space.

Construction Site Storage Container

Construction site storage is unique as there’s typically a combination of things on the floor (lumber), things that need shelving or rack space (pipes, nails, nuts and bolts), and typically a work bench. Obviously, everything above can apply, lock boxes, vents, hanging shelving, but there is one thing to add to the list.

  • Pipe Racks: Pipe racks are a special type of shelving that only have an arm and no flat space. The arm is angled upwards and the pipes can be stacked up the shelving, off the floor where they can roll around and possibly causing someone to turn an ankle.

Farm and Ranch Storage Container

On-site storage for farms and ranches can be pretty basic. Typically, this type of person needs a lot of space, and needs it to keep something secure, dry, and away from any mice or other animals. Typically, the only thing we recommend for farm storage is a lock box. Simply because the container may be on a spot on the ranch that’s distant and thieves may have ample time to break into the container and have their way with the secured items.

This is by no way an exhaustive list of the types of storage that people and companies use shipping containers for, and with a little imagination there’s a good chance that you could come up with a unique application well suited for your needs. If you have any questions about using a shipping container for storage, or any other purpose for that matter, is an online marketplace connecting container buyers and sellers from around the world. If you have a questions about a specific listing feel free to contact the seller directly through the listing page. If you have a general question and need to know where to get started you can contact directly.

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