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Summer Sales and Shipping Container Project Ideas

06.07.2014 - Posted by Updated On 06.07.2014    

Shipping container projects, from onsite storage units to storm shelters and cabins are continually increasing in popularity, and the summer is a great time to get started on them. Obviously, people tend to have more spare time and enjoy longer days during the summer, but summer also leads to great summer sales on new and used shipping containers.

This week's cheapest shipping containers are found in Chicago, Illinois. One of the larger lines that sell through has dropped their prices dramatically and now wholesale and retail buyers can benefit from the significant savings. To check out the available inventory follow this link to shipping containers in Chicago.

Chicago isn't the only place to put cheap containers out on the market. There are some great summer sales available on new and used 20' shipping containers in Montreal, Canada. Note that the used container inventory tends to sell quickly there, so you'll need to be ready to jump on any deals that come on the market.

Lastly, Denver Colorado is always a busy market. Both new and used 20' shipping containers in Denver sell very quickly and they tend to be a little more expensive due to the logistics involved in getting them there. Check this line to view shipping containers for sale in Colorado.

Shipping Container Project Ideas

So what's everyone doing with all of these shipping containers? Project sizes vary greatly with the ideas and applications, but there's no shortage of ideas.

Onsite Storage: The easiest, and probably the most widespread use of shipping containers is portable, onsite storage. Depending on your needs, a container can be dropped onsite and immediately loaded with your items. shipping container storage
Shipping Container Pool: The TAXI Complex in Denver wanted a pool on-site, so they converted a 40' shipping container and filled it with water; resulting in a quick, inexpensive, and a great feature for the commercial and residential tenants.
Storm Shelter: Looking for a quick and inexpensive storm shelter? recently converted a 40' high cube container into a storm shelter/cabin for an educational site in Wyoming. shipping container shelter
Hydroponic Farm: Interested in building a cost effective hydroponic farm? A 20' or 40' shipping container can yield a substantial amount of delicious, leafy green plants. No need to worry about security, a steel shipping container will keep out any animals or would-be thieves. hydroponic farm
Affordable Housing: Shipping containers are being accepted more and more as housing, both custom and budget. GM recently sponsored a project to convert shipping containers and cast off items from their plant in Detroit into affordable housing. shipping container affirdable housing

Buying a shipping container is a relatively simple process; however it may seem a little daunting if you're not familiar with how the transaction takes place. If you are planning on buying a new or used container and needs some advice, input, or direction feel free to contact any of the sellers on, or contact our staff directly. We'll do everything that we can to get you connected with the best possible container, and the best possible price.

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