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Surplus Cargo Containers

19.06.2023 - Posted by Updated On 19.06.2023    

Cargo containers, also called shipping containers, connex boxes, sea cans, and several other names based on the region of the world that you’re in, are a key component to international trade. While the actual number isn’t possible to know, it’s estimated that as of 2016 there are some 30 million cargo containers making their way around the world at any given point in time. They could be carrying anything from plastic combs and brushes produced in China, or clothing and similar apparel manufactured in South America. So, what’s the deal with the containers that you see stacked up in the yards and depots along the highways outside the major cities in the US; and how can you buy one for a cheap price?

  • Cheap cargo/shipping containers are really dependent on location and inventory: You’ll have a better chance of finding a cheap container in port cities, such as Newark and Los Angeles. The containers will be right off the boat and the owner will not have had to pay any extra cost to have it moved to a secondary location, like Denver or Oklahoma City (where they tend to be more expensive).
    • Cheap vs Inexpensive: A cheap cargo container could be cheap for a good reason – the condition. Many “as is, where is” containers are priced to sell quickly, and depending on the condition it could be a great deal, or a money pit. If you’re not able to inspect it, or at least see pictures of the container, it might be best to walk away from the deal and find another piece of equipment.
    • Surplus Cargo Containers: While they may be stacked high at the depot, it doesn’t mean they’re all surplus or for sale. Some locations appear to have a lot of container inventory available, but they’re not always for sale. Most companies don’t sell a shipping container until its 10-15 years old, and if it were for sale it might not be at the discounted priced that you’re expecting. On top of this, finding the actual owner isn’t as simple as contacting the name painted on the side of the container. Containers are bought and sold between shipping lines and resellers and the container yard/depot isn’t able to share the information of the owner.
    Surplus Cargo Containers

Surplus cargo containers, or whichever name they’re called in your area, are typically available for sale, but the price depends on the location, condition, and the company that’s interested/able to sell the container. A cheap container may not be a great deal, just as an expensive container might not be a bad deal. “Surplus” containers are a relative term based on the available inventory of the containers, both from the individual shipping line’s inventory and that of the other lines with equipment in the area. To find the best deal it’s recommended to shop around and learn which options are available, and which company is willing to invest the time to educate you on the container and which one will best meet your needs. is a market place where shipping lines and lessors can sell new and used, and occasionally scrap containers to wholesale and retail buyers around the world. To purchase a shipping container you can search for shipping containers for sale and contact any of the active sellers through their listing profiles. If you can’t find a container in your area just fill out the container request form and one of our sellers will contact you regarding your container needs. If you have general questions regarding shipping containers you can contact our staff directly at +1(307)222-9085 or through our contact page.

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