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Sustainable Living in an off the Grid Container Home

18.04.2012 - Posted by Updated On 18.04.2012    

Container homes have always been considered environmentally friendly and an innovative way to build a house, and Studio  H:T has taken the concept one step farther.

Completed in 2010, the 1,517 square foot container home in Nederland, Colorado is a two story living space book ended by two shipping containers.  Designed to incorporate the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountain, the home is designed to be completely off grid.  It’s powered by a combination of solar orientation, passive cooling, a green roof, wood pellet stove heaving, and photovoltaic /solar panels.

In terms of living space, the two containers hold sleeping and work areas, while the constructed area in the center serves as a living, dining, and entertainment area.  The 2nd floor, lofted area has a bedroom and deck with a pull out bed.

This container home was designed by Studio H:T, a design studio that seeks to create buildings, objects, and environments that heighten the senses and celebrate the unique qualities of place. They seek imaginative clients and innovative projects that allow us to contribute to the local and global communities through design excellence.

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