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The (New) Largest Containership in the World

17.04.2017 - Posted by Updated On 17.04.2017    

Two weeks ago, the largest container ship in the world was launched, the MOL Triumph could carry an impressive 20,150 TEU (twenty foot equivalent unit). It’s 400 meters in length, and 58.8 meters at the beam. However, it’s record holding life was short lived. Last week Maersk took delivery of the Madrid. The first of eleven Triple E series, officially known as EEE Mark 2.

According to Alphaliner, the Madrid and other Triple-E’s has the capacity of carrying 20,568 TEU, is 399 meters long, and 58 meters at the beam. It’s been rumored that the eleven Triple-E vessels will cost 1.8 billion.

Last week, AIS data showed the Madrid Maersk as “Underway Using Engine”. The ship was believed to be heading to Russia where it will take on fuel before entering service between Asia and Europe.

The second generation of the Triple-E was originally planned to carry 19,639 TEU, but the design was adjusted to accommodate “noticeably higher capacity”. The main design change is that the vessel sits 50CM deeper in the water at 16.5 meters. This change raised the deadweight from 194,500 to 206,000 tons. is an online marketplace for new and used shipping containers in North America and around the world. If you have any questions about purchasing a specific container please contact the seller directly through the listing page, while if you have a general container question or don’t know where to get started we invite you to contact the a staff directly.

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