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The Wake Crane Project: An Extreme Shipping Container Wakeboard Waterpark

19.12.2016 - Posted by Updated On 19.12.2016    

File it under 1001 things to do with a used shipping container, professional wake boarders and Red Bull built a very impressive container structure for wake boarding.

Let’s start with the crane.

The team had to search around the world for a crane that was large enough and had enough speed to pull the wakeboarders over 18mph. They finally found on in the waters of Uljanik Pula Wharf in Croatia. The crane had a 131’ boom and could pull at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour. The crane was anchored in the center, and the container structures were designed and set around the circumference of the crane. Wake Crane Project - Arial

Repurposed Shipping Containers?

Seven shipping containers were designed for extreme jumps, grinds, flips and powerful launches. One small section of a container even provided a launch that cleared a tug boat. Over the course of ten days there was a crew of workers from the Wharf, who were complimented by five professional divers. This team set up the containers using 28 anchors, each weighing nearly 800 kgs or 1,750 lbs. Wake Crane Project - Hanging Crane

The Video of Wake Crane Project

Check this out. Words don’t describe the fun.

For more details check out the official article on the Red Bull website.

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