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Things to Consider When Using Shipping Containers for Housing or Storage

29.02.2016 - Posted by Updated On 29.02.2016    

Rushing into any type of project isn’t advised for any project, especially one using shipping containers. With a little planning, and consulting with someone experienced in the field, can save you a lot of time and money. There are a few points that are easily overlooked by when people start planning to use shipping containers for storage, modular housing, or any other use – we know because we’ve heard them all a few times.

  1. Depending on where you live, new and used shipping containers can be very cheap, or very expensive. If you live in say, Montana and need a container delivered on a tilt bed truck you’re probably going to have to pay a lot.
  2. Container delivery on a tilt bed (Landoll style truck) is nearly always more expensive than delivery on a flat bed or chassis. However, if you don’t have a forklift or crane on site you’ll need a tilt bed.
  3. In terms of modifications or security, a torch or steel circular saw to cut is required to into one; but you will want to install a lock box on the doors.
  4. Rust is always a concern on a container. CORTEN steel will slow the process, but a good coat of paint is well advised.
  5. Used shipping containers are cheaper, but if you’re adding windows or doors and the sides of the container have any type of dent it can make the window or door frame much harder to hang.
  6. The same goes for paint on a used container. If you’re planning on painting a used container the cost of paint can make the price of a new container much more competitive.
  7. If you have any questions or uncertainty, ask a professional.

Shipping containers can make great components for any project, not limited to commercial/residential storage, modular building components, and portable storage. But as is with any project, the devil is in the details. The seven points above couple prove that containers are perfect for your idea, but they could also prove that your plans will be a lot more expensive (or cheaper) than previously thought. Before you jump in, think it all the way through. If you have any questions about specific shipping containers for sale feel free to contact the seller directly through the container’s listing page. If you have general questions you’re welcome to contact the staff at

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