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Tips for Buying a Used Shipping Container

25.07.2021 - Posted by Updated On 25.07.2021    

When you consider buying a shipping container you have two options, buying a new shipping container, or buying a used shipping container. One of the main benefits of buying a used shipping container is the cost savings; they tend to be less expensive. However, you do need to be careful when choosing a used container and we’ve put together a few helpful tips to help make the process easier.

First of all, you need to research how much the actual cost saving is by choosing a used container. Unlike a new container there aren’t standard prices for used shipping containers. The cost of a used container will vary based on the condition and required maintenance and repairs. Depending on what you intend to use the container for, some used containers may need to have the floor replaced, a fresh coat of paint, or perhaps repair work on the doors or hinges. It’s important to check with the seller to learn of the actual condition of the container, and if you’re able to visit the depot and inspect the container it’s always advised. If the container needs a lot of work to improve it to the condition that you need it, it may make financial sense to purchase a new container.

Another important to factor to take into consideration when purchasing a used container is the available inventory of containers that meet your requirements. Depending on your area where you live, certain types of containers may be scarce and in high demand; and in some cases the only available containers that are available new or one trip containers.

Before purchasing a container be sure and thoroughly check available inventory that the supplier has to get the best container for your needs, at the best possible price. In some cases, if you can be a flexible with your requirements you may be able to find a better container, or a better price.

These are just some simple factors that you should consider before purchasing a used shipping container. Overlooking some of the basic details may result in unnecessary frustration, and possible a bad financial decision. If you choose the wrong container it may end up costing you more money in maintenance and repairs. In the end, with a little homework you can find a great used shipping container at an affordable price.

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