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Tips for Shipping Container Delivery

14.03.2021 - Posted by Updated On 14.03.2021    

Having a shipping container delivered can be a quick process, provided that you are prepared. has relationships with both delivery drivers across the country, and the service to help arrange convenient, affordable delivery of your cargo container. Prior to arranging the delivery of a cargo container there are a few things that you should consider.

First, when scheduling your delivery we suggest the following:

Landoll shipping container delivery
  • Delivery Date: Have a couple of dates and times in mind that are suitable to have your container delivered. The driver may have a load that coordinates well with yours and may be able to offer a competitive price if possible.
  • Unloading Equipment: Do you have a forklift, or crane available to help unload the container? If not, the driver will need a type of trailer that he can roll the container off of, such as a Landoll. Some drivers to not have this type of trailer, so it's best to state this up front.
  • Personal Availability: Will you, or someone that knows where you want the container to be dropped, be available when it's delivered? Once the cargo container is dropped off it won't be easy to move or reposition.
  • Space: Is there enough space for a tractor trailer or large truck to pull in and move around? After all, we're talking about a 20' or 40' container. You can read more about container delivery requirements here.
  • Terrain: Is the ground soft, paved, or are there other things that the driver should know in advance?

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And always, if you have any questions (no matter if you buy through or not), we're glad to lend our professional experience.

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