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A common question that we receive on ContainerAuction is "what happens after I've purchased a container? How much does it cost to move it, and can you recommend anyone?"

Let's assume that you've already purchased a container through either the "buy now" option or bidding and have remitted payment.

The next step in the process is to get the release code. The release code is given by the seller or staff, and it's sent to both you and the depot. It's this code that confirms you are the rightful owner of the container and without it you won't be permitted to collect your container. If you've hired a trucking company or some other agent to move the container you'll need to share this with them so that they'll be able to clear the gate without any security issues from the depot.

For buyers in the United States finding a trucking company is quick and easy. On every listing page we've included a tool from that provides estimates, and if you decided to proceed, exact quotes from hauling companies. You'll only receive exact quotes if you decided to continue, and many times you'll receive offers from multiple trucking companies and you can choose the best offer for you. All quotes are managed through the uShip system and your contact details remain anonymous until you're ready to accept an offer.

To get a estimate on the shipping cost, just enter in the post codes of the to and from locations. For your convenience we've provided the post code of the depot directly above the uShip box.

If you have any questions or need further assistance don't hesitate to contact ContainerAuction and we'll gladly provide guidance on the process.

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