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Used Cargo Containers for Moving and Storage

11.12.2011 - Posted by Updated On 11.12.2011    

Starting your move with a cargo or shipping container is one of the best ideas that you can have. Moving to a new home is often ranked as one of the most stressful events in your life, and with good reason. Finding a new home, packing and unpacking, family and pet logistics, the list goes on. Whether the move is across town, or across the country, investing in a used cargo container can make your move much easier by saving time, reducing costs, and increasing security.

Planning the timeline and logistics behind your move is the first obstacle to address. Purchasing a used cargo container means that you can pack your furniture and household goods on a schedule that complies with your life, and you're not rushing to meet "moving day" packing and loading. When you purchase a container you can have it delivered to your location any time in advance of your move. Once your cargo container is packed it can be moved to your new home, or used as secure storage until you're ready to move into your new location.

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Purchasing a cargo container can also save you money. There's no added cost for having the container on site while you load it, and a minimal cost involved if you store the container at a depot or other off site location. If you don't need the container at the conclusion of your move, you can simply sell it again. Often for the same price that you purchased it for.

By using your own shipping container you'll know that your items are secure for the entire length of the journey, or while the container in a storage location. Typically, large scale moving companies will reload your items during shipping. This exposes you to damage, and potentially theft due to excess handling and unverified access.

Purchasing a cargo container is one of the best ways to plan your move. A container will save you time, money, and provide additional security during your move. If you need help deciding on the right size of shipping container, or have other questions about container, feel free to contact our expert staff.

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