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What impacts the price of a shipping or storage container?

22.02.2021 - Posted by Updated On 22.02.2021    

You might think you’ve found the best bargain on a used shipping container, only to find one someplace else for a cheaper price.

While on the surface, it may seem like a better deal, there are several important factors that impact the price of a shipping or storage container: location, condition, and delivery costs.

Location plays a key part in the price of any container, whether new or used.  If you’re interested in purchasing a container and you live in the Midwest, or in a rural area, it’s very likely that the price will be higher than if you live along the coast or in a major city.  The primary use of a container is to ship goods and products, and because of this they’re more likely to be found in large cities or coastal areas.  The regular delivery and higher supply of containers in these areas keeps prices lower.

The second factor in the price of a shipping container is the condition that it’s in.  As you would expect, a new, one trip, and undamaged shipping container costs significantly more than a used container does.  Shipping containers may travel around the world a few times before being sold by the shipping line or leasing company.  The best prices are often for containers that have been used a few years before being sold.  Shipping containers are designed to withstand rough handling and constant use, but time can take its toll.  If you find a container that’s cheaper than everything else on the market it’s best to inspect it and check for rust, corrosion, or any dents or structural damage.  If the deal looks too good to be true, it might be for a reason.

While it’s not directly related to the container itself, most people will need the container to be delivered to them.  Depending on how far they live from the container depot or yard, the cost of delivering the container to them could be expensive.  On average, having a storage container delivered to you from 50 miles away would cost $250.00.  It’s important to always ask this so the delivery price so that you can include it into your budget.

Purchasing a shipping container is a pretty straightforward deal.  Unlike cars or computers, the technology involved with containers is limited.  When you start your shopping process, you will find differences in price.  Most likely the variables that control the price of shipping containers are location, condition, and delivery costs.  Keeping this in mind can help you find the best price for a shipping or storage container.

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