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What’s the Best Way to Secure a Shipping Container?

07.11.2022 - Posted by Updated On 07.11.2022    

Many people buy a used shipping container without knowing how the container is equipped, however most people don't know to ask how they're equipped as a shipping container isn't something that you purchase on a regular basis and there are a limited number of places where you can research what you need to ask (unlike purchasing an automobile or television set), and what shipping container parts may be available. On that note, one of the most overlooked features is a lock box. It's a common security part that makes the pad lock hard to access to anyone without a key.

Standard Equipment on a Used Shipping Container

Almost all used cargo containers come with very basic equipment, and it's all set up with intermodal shipping in mind. Standard equipment on a used shipping container means low locking gear, which means that the handles operate near the ground; and no lock box, as they're not needed and will only slow down the process as the container moves from location to location.

Standard Equipment on a New Shipping Container

New, or one trip shipping containers, are designed with the end user in mind. They're equipped with high locking gear, so when it's on the ground you don't have to bend over to open it; and they're also equipped with lock boxes. If you're using the container for storage or a similar purpose it's an inexpensive option that can be added at the factory, and it is a great selling feature.

Options of Putting a Lock Box on a Used Shipping Container

If you don't need the fresh paint and clean mechanical movements of a new container, which many people don't, but you'd still like to have a lock box installed on the container you have two real options.

  • Welded on lock box: If the container is still at the depot, or at a location where welding equipment is easily accessible, a lock box can be welded on for around $100. Welding the lock box on means that it's permanently adhered to the container and anyone attempting to remove it, or access it, will have a very difficult time doing so.
  • Bolt on container lock box: Once the container leaves the depot or is placed in the field, moving the container to welding equipment is nearly impossible, and moving welding equipment to the shipping container can be expensive for such a quick job. The alternative is purchasing a bolt on lock box. A bolt on lock box is simply that. It proves all the features of a welded on lock box, but for around $75-$80 you can install a lock box with a drill, screwdriver, and wrench.

Where can I buy a Container Lock Box?

You can purchase a weld on lock box at almost any shipping container depot. If the container is still at the depot, they normally have the equipment to install the lock box for you. If you've already purchased the container and have it moved to your location, you can purchase a bolt on container lock box on provides videos and easy to follow instructions for installing your lock box in under 15 minutes.

Making your shipping or storage container more secure is a simple thing to do, and only requires a small investment on your part. By spending less than $100 everything inside of your container will be more secure from theft and damage. If you have any questions on how/where to begin you're welcome to email

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