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Where to Find Shipping Containers for Sale

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Shipping containers make great residential storage units, modular building components, or even outbuildings on a farm or ranch to store feed and tack supplies. However, the big question is the best (and cheapest) place to find them for sale. Logic would lead people to believe that the best place to find the cheapest shipping containers is directly to the source - the shipping lines that use them, but this isn't always the case. Getting the best deal on a shipping container really depends on the buyer's needs, tolerance with regards to color and condition, and customer service needs.

Retail Shipping Container Dealers

Retail, or local, container dealers provide high quality containers at reasonable prices. They often purchase multiple containers at a time, will clean and paint the container, and make sure the doors and hinges swing easily. On top of this, you'll be able to visit their office and inspect the container before making any purchase. All of this extra service will get you a good container, and there will typically be a reasonable premium for extending the effort.

Wholesale Shipping Container Dealers

Wholesale shipping container dealers, often times leasing companies or the shipping lines themselves, can be more elusive and harder to deal with than their retail counter parts; primarily because wholesale sellers desire to deal in volume and are not equipped to provide customer service to an individual. The shipping containers that come directly out of the active fleet of a shipping line will not be cleaned up, and still carry the original corporate branding of the line or leasing company. Also, buyers often don't have the ability to pick out the container, or in some cases inspect it before purchasing it. wholesale shipping containers for sale
In some cases they can provide sample pictures of containers of the same vintage (age and condition), but usually not the exact container. So while the shipping container may be cheaper, you may not have the confidence of seeing the actual unit prior to purchasing it.

Finding a Used Shipping Container for Sale

If you live in, or near, any major city, it will be relatively easy to find a used shipping container for sale. Shipping containers follow the normal paths that any retail goods travel to get to the local stores, and tend to be dropped off around distribution centers or ports - think Chicago, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Denver, or Newark New Jersey. Once they are offered for sale by the shipping lines or leasing companies they are purchased by retailers who move them to their sales locations. It's important to note that since moving the container away from these port costs money, a shipping container in the middle of Pennsylvania will be more expensive than a shipping container in Newark.

To find the best shipping container for your needs, at the most reasonable price, start by searching on Google or to find a shipping container available in your area. If you don't see shipping containers for sale in your area on, complete the request form and a registered seller will contact you with any options that are available to you. is an online marketplace where retailers, shipping lines, and container leasing companies come to sell their new and used shipping containers of all sizes.

wholesale shipping containers for sale

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