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White Label Shipping Container Trading Software

29.08.2014 - Posted by Updated On 29.08.2014    

The shipping industry as a whole has been slow to adopt new technology platforms, and rightfully so. The equipment involved, from the container vessels themselves down to the individual containers that ride on them, are capital intensive and last much longer than your normal consumer electronic devices. While you may rush out to purchase the latest iPhone with every new release (is it just me, or does that seem like every three months?), container shipping lines must weather all types of economic storms and shifts, over long cycles. This means that decisions aren't made over night, and progress and changes are slow and deliberate. Shipping container sales and trading is one area that we're working to change, and bring into the 21st century. shipping container trading software offers several options for buying and selling shipping containers, for container shipping lines, leasing companies, and traders. No matter the volume of containers that you buy and sell, there are marketing options and software packages available to provide you with cutting edge apps and services to keep you exactly where you need to be - in front of your customer.

If you're a container shipping line, leasing company, or trader, we invite you to contact us to learn more about the opportunities for working together in the future. can save you time, money, and give you the cutting edge applications that make your customers keep coming back. For more information contact us directly, or call 307-222-9085.

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