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Winter Storage for Your Car, Boat, or ATV

20.09.2021 - Posted by Updated On 20.09.2021    

Winter is here, and that means you'll need to store your equipment and "toys" in a place that can be set up quickly, while ensuring that everything inside remains dry, secure, and completely protected from the elements of nature. When the thought of winter storage comes to mind, historically most people think of a garage, barn, or shed; however in recent years, shipping containers have become much more accessible to purchase, and more accepted as a common type of on-site storage.

Shipping containers have double doors that are just less than eight feet wide. Noting that an average car is six feet wide, and an average parking spot is 7.5 feet, there's just enough room to drive a car into the container for storage. It's even easier to winterize a motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle, and protect them from the winter snow and rain.

Depending on how long and what you plan on using the container for, you may need to decide between renting or buying a container. Many companies provide shipping containers that you can rent for a short period of time, and specializes in selling new and used containers.

car carrier shipping container

If you'd like to find a new or used shipping container for sale, can help, and in many cases the staff can help to coordinate the container delivery to your location.

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