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Winter Storage in a Shipping Container

02.11.2015 - Posted by Updated On 02.11.2015    

Winter is just around the corner for most of America, and it's a good time to start thinking about storage space for your outdoor summer equipment and toys (things like lawn mowers and motorcycles), as well as winter equipment (things like snow blowers, snowmobiles, and firewood) that you need ready access to. New and used shipping containers are an ideal solution for long term, year round durable storage. Shipping containers are cost effective, quick to deliver and set up, and completely transportable.

Affordable Winter Storage

20' shipping containers can cost under $1200 in some markets, and 40' containers can be purchase in most markets for around $2000 and up. While that's not a cheap price, compared to building a traditional wood frame building in saves on both money and the time to construct the building. Plus, many counties and townships don't require a permit to have a shipping container placed on your property, provided it's not on a permanent foundation.

Delivery and Set up

If you don't have a forklift or crane at the delivery site, that's usually not a problem. Most shipping containers delivered to residential properties can be delivered on a tilt bed, Kerr-built, or Landoll style trailer. A skilled driver will have the container loaded onto the trailer at the depot, and can drop it off right on the spot where you need it. If you're considering options on what type ground preparation or foundation work needs to be done prior to delivery, there are a few options to consider, but the cheapest and fastest is a simple stone bed or rail road ties.

Transportable Storage Containers

20' shipping containers weigh around 5,000lbs, while 40' containers will be around 8,000lbs. A good forklift will pick up a 20' container high enough to put it on a small trailer and allow you to move it around, but not everyone has the ability to lift a 40' container; but there is a trick to use that will save you the cost of renting a forklift or crane. The first step is keeping the name and contact information of the company that delivered the container to your property. To learn the trick, watch this video:

Along with new and used shipping containers, provides bolt on lock boxes for used shipping containers on They're custom designed for used containers, and they can be installed in 15 minutes with common tools.

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