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Winter Storage Units for Colder Climates

01.12.2018 - Posted by Updated On 01.12.2018    

Winter storage for everything and anything can be an issue, and it’s normally not considered until there isn’t enough time to build a shed our other type of outbuilding, or if there is time the costs involved with it aren’t feasible. These two reasons alone are why shipping containers can make great storage units for the winter, and even the summer times. The question that has yet to be answered, is what can be stored in a shipping container over the winter, and the answer is virtually anything.

Firewood Storage

Since they’re made of steel and are wind and water tight, shipping containers can take a great deal of abuse. People spend the summer cutting down firewood and stacking it up to dry only to cover it before the snow and winter come. If stacked inside of a shipping container the wood will have a natural warm area to dry out in so that it’s fit to toss into the fire place come winter. It can be thrown in and stacked against the walls without much consideration because the steel walls inside the container are designed to take abuse. And since the container is wind and water tight there’s no concern for rain or snow, or even rodents or other varmint that typically like to make homes inside of a wood pile. shipping/storage container for winter storage

Motorcycle, ATV, and Snowmobile Storage

The wide doors on a shipping container make it very easy to drive in ATV, motorcycle, or even a snowmobile inside of it for seasonal storage. The marine grade plywood floors can take a lot of abuse, so there’s little concern for the flooring, even if oil, gas, or grease drips off the engine or other parts of the vehicle. Plus, there’s enough room inside to walk around it to do seasonal maintenance like oil changes or tune ups.

Classic Car Storage

We’re obviously not talking about a Cadillac Eldorado, but reasonable sized classic cars are stored in shipping containers all the time. Similar to ATV’s and motorcycles, modest sized classic cars can easily be moved inside of a shipping container for secure storage. Once locked inside, the cars are virtually theft proof as there are no windows and limited doors that would-be thieves can look in to admire the car. The strength of the floor means the car will be secure, and the durable plywood will resist any scratching or damage from accidental leaking fluids or grease.

Shipping containers serve a great purpose during their useful life, and once they’re no longer on the sea that have decades of useful life remaining in other purposes, the most popular being storage units. Many companies adopt them for commercial purposes, and just as many people are using shipping container for residential storage of everything from firewood to antique car storage. To find a shipping or storage container for sale in your area start by searching on in the city nearest to you. If there are no shipping containers listed for sale complete the form and a representative will contact you about your needs and the closest container to you. If you have a general question feel free to contact the staff at directly.

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