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Sell Shipping Containers Online

If you have an inventory of shipping containers for sale can help you to sell them. Listing your containers for sale on the auction is a quick and simple process that offers many benefits. We work to provide you with more bidders, from more places.

Our auction engine is a platform designed specifically for the purpose of container sales and remarketing. We take the sales process and focus on the three specific areas:

  • Forward Selling and Marketing
  • The Auction Process
  • Payment Processing and Transfer

By taking control of the process and presenting your container listings in a clear, focused system, we aim to provide you with both a reduction in operational costs and a greater return on your container sales.

Seller Account Features

Buy Now or Traditional Auctions: Sell through both 'Buy Now' pricing or a traditional auction.

The Week Ahead: Take part in our weekly newsletter delivered to thousands of industry professionals and potential buyers.

Notifications and Alerts: Our custom notifications alert buyers to your listings.

Reserve Pricing: Set reserve pricing as the lowest amount you'll accept.

Seller Reports and Insight: Analyze your sales with real time reports.

Storage Days: Make your listing more attractive by Include additional days of storage.

Quick Multilist: Wholesale and retail 'Quick List' options for multiple unit listings.

Secure Messaging System: Communicate directly with buyers through the site.

Payment Processing and Invoicing: ContainerAuction can help to process payments.

Multiple Language Translations: No need to learn another language, we'll translate for you.

Release Code Processing: Process and validate release codes through the site.

Online Inventory Management: Keep track of your containers and outstanding bids.

Customized Online Store: Approved sellers can use a private store for their listings.

How to Start Selling:

1. Register 2. Confirm 3. Start Listing
Complete the registration form. An account representative will contact you to review your details. Log in and start selling.
sell containers on line Confirm your account details list your containers for sale