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'Buy Now' and Traditional Bidding: When a seller creates a new listing they are required to put a reserve amount, of any number, and have the option of putting a 'Buy Now' price. The reserve price is the minimum that they're willing to sell the listing for (although bids can be entered as low as $500, and the actual reserve price remains hidden during the entire process). The 'Buy Now' price is the amount that they're willing to forgo the auction process and sell it for. If the buyer provides a 'Buy Now' price, this option is removed as soon as the first bid is placed.

Weekly Broadcast: Every Sunday night/Monday morning ContainerAuction sends out 'The Week Ahead' to thousands of subscribers. This is our weekly newsletter of upcoming industry events, market insight, and, most importantly, a selection of upcoming listings.

Notifications and Alerts: The ContainerAuction engine provides alerts and notifications to all registered buyers. By listing your containers on, you'll automatically take part in these notifications. Buyers are able to subscribe to container types, locations, or other criteria that interests them.

Reserve Price: The reserve price is set by the seller and is the lowest price that the seller is willing to accept. It's important to note that bidding can start at any amount above $500. However, if the auction closes and the reserve price is not met, the highest bidder may not have won if the reserve price was not met. If an auction closes below the reserve price the seller has the options to either relist the containers or contact the highest bidder offer the listing to them at their offered bid.

Reports and Analysis: Integrated with all seller accounts are basic seller reports. We'll provide you with insight your most profitable sales locations, product types, and what buyers are searching for on

Storage Days Included: Sellers have the option of including a few days of storage into the price. The countdown timer on these days starts when payment is received, not when the listing is closed. This allows the buyer time to arrange to have the containers moved.

MultiList: MultiList: Listing multiple listings containers can be timeconsuming and monotonous, but not on When a seller creates a listing of more than one container they can select the 'Multilist' Option. This option allows them to add an additional both 'entire listing' price, and a 'single unit' price. When the listing is created, it creates 1 main listing also lists each of the containers individually. If a single container is bid on/purchased, the main listing is removed. If the main listing is bid on/purchased, the single listings are removed.

Example: A seller has 25x 40ft dry van containers they wish to list for $2000 per container. If all 25 are sold to one person they're willing to accept a 5% reduction in cost, or $1900 per unit, due to the speed of the transaction and reduced amount of work involved. If the containers are sold individually,they will sell them for the full $2000.

If a buyer bids on the entire listing, the 25 individual listings are instantly removed. If a buyer bids on any one of the individual units, the main listing of 25 is removed.

Messaging: We encourage you to pass all communication through the messaging system on The messaging system is private and secure. employees will never ask you to disclose any private information, nor will they request you to remit payment without a genuine invoice. If you feel that anyone is misrepresenting themselves we ask that you contact a ContainerAuction employee immediately.

Payment Processing: Shortly after the auction closes, either through 'Buy Now' or the closing of an auction, the buyer is instantly emailed an invoice with payment instructions. Depending on the seller's service level, they can either be paid directly by the buyer or ContainerAuction, Inc can process the payments on their behalf. If the payment is received by ContainerAuction the details are updated in the sellers account as soon as the payment is received into one of our accounts.

Language Translations: Regardless of your language skills, is translated into multiple languages to help you reach the widest possible market and reach the highest returns.

Release Code Processing: When you close a listing through, you'll have the ability to process your release codes through the site. This allows the buyer, depot manager, or other relevant contacts to visit the site and verify the accuracy of the listing as well as the items included in the invoice.

Inventory Management: Track your listings, locations, and outstanding offers through Our integrated system allows you to keep an up to date inventory on what almost all details of your listings.

Seller Stores: Each seller is provided with a customizable store to which they can direct their own clients. The store features the seller's logo, a custom profile message, and search features.

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